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Leading Others, Organisations & Yourself with Presence


Offering team coaching and 1-2-1 sessions using a variety of techniques to bring clarity and behavioural change.


Bringing 26 years of facilitation experience to offer a wide range of workshops where success is based on detailed design and concrete outcomes.  


Offering consulting interventions and advisory in the Transformation space to incorporate sustainable, system wide change.


With a progressive attitude towards organisational and individual growth, Nicola is a Leadership Coach, Consultant and Facilitator who fosters an environment to develop confidence, motivation, and direction. 

Nicola is a seasoned leader who calls on 26 years of industry experience working internationally as a Management Consultant; supporting individuals from front-line to C-Suite. As a business constellations practitioner she is attuned to the dynamics of individuals, teams and the systems in which they operate.  She is a qualified Yoga teacher who values the clarity and focus that comes from regulating the nervous system.


Juan Jose Perojo, Consulting Partner, Mexico

"Nicola's unique combination of skills keeps the sessions dynamic, varied and useful. Her consulting experience allows her to relate to my issues and keep the sessions focused on what is of fundamental importance.  Her coaching style cuts through the minutiae, challenges status quo and encourages self reflection and ownership"

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