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About Nicola

With 26 years of experience designing and implementing Transformational Change across various industry verticals.  Nicola adopts a pragmatic approach which encourages self sufficiency rather than dependency for all clients. She is passionate about avoiding buzz words, soundbites and concepts in favour of practical behavioural change that goes beyond a poster on the wall.


As a Leadership and Team coach she combines leading edge techniques to offer a framework flexible enough to tailor sessions to suit the individual needs of each person and team:

  • Team Coaching Practitioner, John Whittington, London

  • Strozzi Institute, California

  • Team Connect Coaching, Netherlands

  • Yoga Teacher Training, Costa Rica

  • Psychosynthesis and Leadership Coaching, London

  • European Mentor & Coaching Council Global Accreditation and Professional Designation: Senior Practitioner


Meet the Team

Partnering with experienced Associates to deliver coaching and workshops that inspire growth and vigour

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